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AMREF, the leading international African organisation in health today rebranded to Amref Health Africa after 57 years as the African Medical and Research Foundation.

A key reason for the rebrand is to ensure that our name more accurately reflects the nature and scope of our work, which has grown beyond research and provision of basic medical services to strengthening of health systems through training and capacity building and strategic programming in areas such as maternal and child health, HIV, Water and Sanitation, TB and Malaria, and clinical and diagnostics services. 
“Our new name exemplifies our commitment to improving health in Africa through a wide a range of critical programmes and services so that we can achieve lasting health change for the people of Kenya and Africa in general,” said Director General Dr Teguest Guerma.
Although we are rebranding, our focus remains the same: communities continue to be the primary beneficiaries of our work. Our rebrand will in effect put us in a more strategic position to continue working with our partners and aligning ourselves as an African-led and Africa-based health organisation seeking to meet the needs of the most vulnerable populations on the continent.
Since 1957, Amref Health Africa has been providing health services to the most vulnerable communities, working in partnership with a cross-section of stakeholders including governments. With seven offices in Africa and 10 in Europe and North America, Amref Health Africa reaches over 30 countries with its work and has impacted the lives of millions of people living in hard-to-reach parts of Africa.
ABOVE: Country Director, AMREF, Dr. Festus Illako cutting the ribbon during the AMREF Health Africa launch new identity. The frame Ceremony held yesterday April 10, 2014 AMREF office in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania.
Country Director, AMREF, Dr. Festus Illako with Amref Health Africa staff during the new identity launch

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