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According to East African Legislative Assembly rules and understandings, the speakership is rotational. As it is, the current Speaker is from Uganda. Her name is Margaret Nantongo Zziwa [in the photo above]. But before her term expires or come to an end, as the document below indicates, her speakership is in danger. Her removal seems to be eminent although she seems to be determined to hold on her seat. Zziwa, was elected in June 2012 for a five year term.

Below is an excerpt of the removal document!;
On 26th March 2014, a notice of motion for a resolution to remove the East African Legislative Assembly (EALA) Speaker from office was served on the EALA Clerk.

This notice was seconded by Hon. Peter Mathuki from Kenya, Hon. Shyrose Bhanji from Tanzania, Hon. Dr. Odette Nyiramilimo from Rwanda, Hon. Hafsa Mossi from Burundi and supported by 33 signatures which is more than two thirds of the Assembly. These signatures were composed of all 9 Members of Burundi; all 9 Members of Rwanda; 5 Members of Tanzania; 5 Members of Kenya; and 5 Members of Uganda.

On 27th march, a motion for a resolution to remove the speaker of EALA from office was served on the Clerk of the Assembly according to the Rules of Procedure.
This motion cited the reasons for the bid to remove her from office as:
-Poor governance and leadership skills;
-Abuse of office; and
-disrespect and intimidation of Members and Staff.
In line with the Assembly Rules of procedure, the Motion requests the Assembly to remove the current speaker; she cannot continue to preside over proceedings of the Assembly since proceedings for her removal have commenced.
In addition to this, the Motion Assembly urged the Assembly to elect a Member to preside at the next sittings of the Assembly.
Immediately after the motion was served, Hon. Zziwa went to Kampala to attend a meeting with President which she had solicited for. She wanted to use female Members of EALA to persuade him to intervene in the matter. Out of 17 women members of EALA only 3 attended. The majority refused to attend the meeting. The women feel that the fact that she is the first woman speaker should not be used as an excuse, because she is incompetent and failed to deliver.
The fact that she knew that the process of her removal was in accordance with the Assembly Rules of Procedure and she still proceeded to seek audience with the President demonstrates her disrespect for the Assembly and desperate attempts to hold onto to her office despite the fact that more than two third of the members have expressed their desire to remove from office. The process to remove Zziwa is now irreversible, the only option left for her is to resign or face the Legal Rules and Privileges Committee, which will interrogate her in public on the issues raised in the Motion.
The next steps to be taken by the Assembly according to the Rules of Procedure are :
• The clerk will put the motion on the order paper;
• Procedure does not allow the Speaker to preside over the proceedings of the Assembly since proceedings for her removal commenced;
• The Assembly may thereafter adjourn for say 30 minutes in order for the Members to confer on the person to chair the House.
• The Clerk will then preside over the election of the person who will chair the sitting.
• The motion will be tabled in the House and seconded in a sitting presided over by the person elected to chair the meeting.
• The Assembly will then elect an elected member to preside over the sittings of the assembly;
• the elected chairperson will then refer to motion for the removal of the Speaker to the Legal, Rules and Privileges Committee.
• The Committee will then interrogate the issues raised in the motion.
• when appearing before the Committee, the Speaker is entitled to appear in person or can be represented by a lawyer or any other person then the Committee is investing his or her removal.
• The Committee will then compile a report, which report will be tabled before the House for debate.
• the Assembly has to pass the motion for removal of the Speaker by not less than two-thirds majority of elected members of the Assembly, after which the Speaker shall cease to hold office.

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